That Time My Pancakes Turned Out To Look Like Chapatis.

That Time My Pancakes Turned Out To Look Like Chapatis. 


Welcome to another chapter of shitty baking with Jay Jay. It’s Pancake day and I had no plans on making them, why? Because we had no ingredients at home and I couldn’t be bothered going out in the cold, but everyone’s snaps and Instagram pics made me feel peckish, so I begged my sister to go out and get flour and eggs. We never made pancakes before and they turned out to be a bit shit. We used this website  even though its titled “Easy pancakes” we found it “not so easy”

Ingredient we used:

  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 300ml milk

The other ingredients such as vanilla extract and lemon and all that jazz were optional, so we just left it out. So, we obviously started putting them all in the bowl and mixing it and when it turned in to the right texture we poured it in a pan and fried it. (do we call it fry? I don’t even know?)

And the end result? Was this.

This is not a Pancake it’s a chapati! I should know I’m Brown!

We tasted it and it was rank. It was dry and not sweet at all (maybe I was wrong about the vanilla extract and lemon) So, the next batch we just winged it and added 3 table spoons of sugar and 50g of butter.We also bought Nutella and syrup, which is a massive thing for us  because Nutella for us isn’t a usual commodity in our household. That shit is expensive and we all fight for it.


We were going to use margarine but when we opened it, the tub was filled with kheer! (which is Indian rice pudding) I’m not surprised because my mum is a typical brown person who uses ice cream tubs and butter/yogurt tubs for puddings. #AsianProblems


And this is our other tries. Which were okay. We even made frozen Nutella disks and made a chocolate filling crepe which turned out good. They still look like pranthas though.


That’s how our pancakes turned out on pancake day. I wasn’t surprised at how shitty our crepes were. They weren’t crepes they were crap! (lol bad joke, no really, I’m cringing at that) Comment down below if yours turned out good?

OnceUponAJayJay x