The Vampire Academy Series By Richelle Mead Book Review

The Vampire Academy Series By Richelle Mead

You can tell I've read these a dozen times! they look so tattered and the 1st one was officially worn out. therefore not here!
You can tell I’ve read these a dozen times! they look so tattered and the 1st one was officially worn out. therefore not here!

When it comes to reading Vampire books part of me thought that a Vampire series couldn’t impress me because personally the whole “Vampire” genre had become full of dull and mundane characters and dragging  stories.

Because of this, I went into the first book of Vampire Academy attentive and wary  of it. I personally thought I would hate the book because of this whole Vampire stereotype of all Vampire Books are like Twilight.

So when I read the first book I was impressed and interested. I found myself  going through the whole series and finished it with a matter of days. I was addicted and pleased.


Here is the Summary of Vampire Academy Book 1 of the series.

It is a Young Adult  Paranormal Romance Novel.

The basics you need to know is that there are 3 kinds of Vampire race.

  • Dhampires: Guardians in training for the Moroi
  • Moroi: A Vampire race that have special spiritual powers which can be (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit) they need protecting from the Strigoi as that particular race is hunted down.
  • Strigoi: The strigoi are the evil, undead vampires who feed off of humans and Moroi


The Main Character is Rose Hathaway who is Sarcastic, Fiery, Impulsive and Flirty. She has a best friend called Lissa. Rose and Lissa are vampires. Rose is a Dhampire who is a Guardian in training and Lissa is a royal-Moroi-princess. Rose and Lissa share a one-sided spiritual bond which allows Rose to know Lissa’s emotions, thoughts and her whereabouts. They’ve been on the run, but now they’re being dragged back to St. Vladimir’s which is a boarding School where Moroi vampires are educated in magic and Dhampires are in training to protect them. When they return to the school Guardian Dimitri Belikov offers to mentor Rose in extra classes, so she can make up for the years she has lost. The book is start of a student mentor relationship, secrets, danger and self discovery for Rose.


Character Profiles

Rose is unlike any other character in the books I have read. And I fricking love her! She is Sassy, mouthy, stubborn, Fiery but also  loyal, brave and also a person who has great comebacks and can fuck you up with her punches and kicks.

Lissa is totally the opposite of Rose the level-headed one, calm, composed, caring and basically a royal. I’m so glad that the story was written in Rose POV because I don’t think I could have handled Lissas POV.

Dimitri is hot!  He appears cool, distant and calm but underneath all that he is strong protective and loyal. He is also portrayed as this lethal arse kicker.


If anyone is put off with a  teacher and student romance. Don’t be! Richelle handled it so well and it does not come across as a childish petty teenage creepy “thing” since Rose is almost 18 and Dimitri is 24. The whole romance bit is written out so well it seems mature and they regard themselves as equals.

In conclusion I would say that don’t let the word “Vampire or Paranormal put you off I found that after reading the series I myself was drawn into the world and forgot about my surrounding but also forgot it was a vampire book. There’s just the right amount of action, fantasy, comedy and romance. And after finishing the series I have read through it numerous amounts of time. Yet I have not got sick of it. I absolutely loved this book series and I am quite sad that I’ve finished it!




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