Life Update: I GOT A JOB!!

Life Update 

Soooo….. I got a Job!!!!! 


So here I am a confused unemployed 18 years old who has taken a Gap Year and has come out of studying. So I desperately needed something to do. I refuse to stay at home because Number 1: It’s boring I need to be occupied and Number 2: I’m pretty sure my mum would make me a housewife.

I have never had a Job before only work experiences. And I’m pretty excited to actually apply for the first time and get it. Even though it’s just a Part Time Christmas job. I’m also pretty chuffed to earn my own money. My parents always fought about money constantly. Which therefore made me feel guilty when it came to asking for money. When asked what I wanted for my birthday I said nothing. When my school bag wore out I didn’t ask them to replace it. When I used the same coat for 4 years I didn’t ask for a new one. I have always felt guilty when asking for money. This would even mean school pencils or the new designer that was out.

My family were a bit tight when it came to money. And at that time I was studying, whether it was doing my GCSE’s or my A Levels in college, I didn’t have the time to get a job. So finally I applied to Debenhams and I got a job! You might be thinking “WTH it’s only a part time Christmas job, you should be happy you’re staying at home” but there’s only a certain amount of ‘doing nothing’ I can take.


Earning my own money is all I have ever wanted, I can buy a new coat (my old one is 5 years old) I can save up for a camera for blog pics! But I can just give back to my parents since they have tried their best. I’m just pretty happy at the moment. I’m changing my life, getting a job and becoming independent. I’m 18 but I felt like I was held back and still a child. I’m having my training soon and I’m nervous but excited. I need this change. I need to adapt to this new me. But I also need to grow more confident.
So lets make a toast to the new confident JayJay and my new Job!!!

Comment below if you have had any good news?



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