I’m all for this whole freedom of speech, and the fact that everyone has different opinions that they would like to share, but surely there’s a point where some people really need to zip it. Scrolling through Twitter has left me quite drained, I’ve read tweets and blog posts that have left me feeling depleted. Reading and viewing something that overall had a nasty tone to it is really exhausting.

The amount of bloggers I have unfollowed is crazy. I’ve lost respect for certain 20/30 years old bloggers that are tearing others down. It’s like high school all over again and I’ve only just got out! Surely bloggers should be supporting other bloggers in their dreams and success?

It’s odd that its successful bloggers people complain about. I’m pretty sure that everyone is well aware of Zoella and Inthefrow. Both who have taken big risks to go solo and dedicate their lives with their blogs and videos. Both Zoe and Victoria are Huge! With Zoe is releasing 3 books, a Beauty Range, a Lifestyle Range, a Wax figure and appearing in magazines and on our TV screens. Victoria has a successful fashion and lifestyle blog, working with a number of established fashion and beauty brands, winning numerous awards and getting to travel to different places. Both have achieved amazing things whilst juggling there YouTube/Blogging career. It’s no wonder both have gained a large following. It just baffles me why others like to take a swipe at them. It’s either people complaining about the opportunities they both get, or people questioning their work ethic and then tearing down their content or questioning the person they are. And it really is very confusing. Surely we celebrate their achievements. Why do people throw darts at those who have done good?

Don’t get me wrong, there are other successful bloggers that people like to take a swipe at but I do notice bloggers and the press tearing Zoe down. It just tickles me that she has achieved a number of things yet people are still shooting her down as being lazy. I’m pretty sure she needs to work to get where she is and I have a huge amount of respect for her. She is juggling her blog and YouTube channel, making weekly videos on both her main and vlogging channel, as well as writing 3 books, brainstorming ideas for her beauty and now lifestyle range and also other projects like her WHSmith Book club (which I’m really pleased about, as I’m all for encouraging young people to read) along with that there’s meetings that go with that. Yet she still gets a lot of stick for it.

There are some bloggers who make this community so enjoyable and others who will step on anyone to gain a few followers or out of pure hate. Zoe is one person who makes the community wonderful as people can use her as a great example of a woman that has achieved amazing things.

I don’t have a problem with people not liking someone, not everyone has the same preferences and it’s fine to have different opinions to someone else, it’s just how a person chooses to discuss it. What I do have a problem with is them continuing to tear down and stomp on that persons achievements, and then trying to disguise it as being “real” and “honest” That just makes me eye-roll. The kind of jealousy I have witnessed I think is often driven by competition. I understand that blogging has become some sort of competition, but the negativity is not needed. Other bloggers success isn’t your failure.

When did the rule of once a Blogger/Youtuber reaches their peak we stop supporting them. I have no interest in celebrating and bitching about someone’s misfortune. I think people forget Zoe is a normal human being who can make mistakes. She doesn’t need a whole bunch of negativity thrown at her once she makes a mistake. All these bitter and venomous comments about a 26 year old working hard and trying to make a living is uncalled for. People will complain if she does something wrong, but they are the same people who are hesitant to compliment her when she does something right. No one likes feeling judged. Back off and let people live. Let her grow and evolve and make mistakes in peace, because guess what she’s a normal person and people who attack her are well aware of her potential. Let’s stop with the Zoella Witch Hunt.

It must be exhausting to be one of those people who literally live to try and bring others down. Some people seems to pride themselves of being a Regina George and covering it up as “being sassy” ummm no thanks. It’s sad that this generation strives off hate. If you don’t like someone and they annoy you just don’t follow them. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for someone to understand that. I have a personal choice on what I like to read and watch and what I don’t. So do you. If you don’t like someone don’t keep up with them. We have enough people doing that already, just remove them from your life.

I don’t care if Victoria buys high end handbags and Designer shoes. That’s her niche. I couldn’t give a damn about someone hating a blogger’s content, focus on yourself. I don’t care to see someone stomping all over Zoe’s name or people constantly going on about how a blogger going on lavish holidays isn’t “relatable” It’s all so tiring and boring. Everyone has a place in the blogging world, whether it’s being a comedy, dating, lifestyle, fashion or a beauty blog. In the end the jokes on them whilst they are tweeting and commenting their hate on certain bloggers at the same time these successful, hardworking women are working on a new magazine shoot or the next big project.

I have learnt to stay away from that nasty corner of the internet. If I don’t like someone I don’t keep up with them. It’s simple. I’m not saying every blogger is like that! There are many brilliant, talented bloggers out there that I love and are just great. Seeing women congratulate and celebrate someone else’s success make me beam with happiness!  It’s perplexing to think that people can take someone’s hard working achievement and bruise it. Belittling their Ambitions and Achievements is just an easy way out. I’m glad I unfollowed the minority who were exhausting to keep up with. In a nutshell, this post is about standing with other women not against them, but the majority of it is about human decency.



    1. Yes This! I just don’t understand the bloggers that dont follow cetain popular bloggers yet still go out of their way to constantly bash them. Its like surely they have something better to do. Dont like that person take them outta your life simple!


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