Review of The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout

Young Adult Paranormal Romance Book

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5 books

Book 1: Obsidian

Book 2: Onyx

Book 3: Opal

Book 4: Origin

Book 5: Opposition

Ok, so when I read the summary of this book and found out some characters were “aliens” I was definitely planning on leaving this aside. For some reason, I’ve just been avoiding it. Every time someone hears the word alien you would think big ugly green slimy looking creature so personally I did not want to read a war of the worlds like book. However, because of the front cover I thought I would just get over my character fear and go ahead with it. To my surprise I bladdy laved the book!!!! This book was such a quick, fun read! I haven’t read an alien book before, and I found these aliens to be….. Not so alien like in a weird way. The author wrote this book brilliantly, when you read the Lux Series you forget your reading about aliens. That’s the only way I can put it in words.

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Book Summary

This book Is one of those “new girl moves to town and accidentally meets a group of non-humans” It’s also a perfect “Boy next door romance” Katy moves from Florida to West Virginia. Turns out she lives next door to the most hottest siblings. Throughout the plot Katy is befriending her neighbours, however, realises that strange things are happening there. She experiences weird paranormal things whilst juggling high school, making friends, avoiding a certain bitchy girl, but mostly the gorgeous arrogant and snarky neighbour besides her. When you combine a feisty girl from Florida and a sexy, alien.


Character Profile

Katy: Katy is a really refreshing main character. She’s snarky, spunky and has a quick, sharp tongue. She can stand up for herself. She’s not afraid to call daemon a dickhead when he’s being one. She is also very kind and strong and a normal girl who likes gardening and blogging.

Daemon: Daemon is described to be gorgeous with emerald green eyes. At first he comes across as infuriating and arrogant. But as the story progressed, we eventually see him as a kind, and an incredibly sweet yet still snarky and sarcastic towards those he is close to.

Dee: Daemon is her overprotective twin brother. Dee is described as gorgeous, just like her brother. Dee has a very bubbly and bright personality. She likes to make new friends, but the fact that she must hide her true identity makes it difficult to open up to Katy.

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I loved Jennifer L Armentrout’s take on aliens.  If you know me well, I love my boy next door cocky and sarcastic books. I love that the book was dripping with quick and witty lines off the female character instead of her being all mopey. I loved that the comedy side of the book was just right. The constant bickering between Katy and Daemon, was hilarious and filled with sexual tension. This has become one of my new favourite YA series.

The Lux series was amazing. I loved everything about it. The story line, the idea of hot aliens, the characters, the romance and all the hilarious conversations (bickering) between Daemon and Katy.

If you are like me and you love sarcastic bickering love interests, then this is the right book for you! Because I’m the most pickiest when it comes to books and guess what.

Aliens. I actually fell in love with a freaking alien.



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