A Very Christmassy Day In Leeds

It was Black Friday a week ago and I was In Leeds for the most part of it, shopping away. I didn’t go too overboard, I got a couple of bits and pieces. Mainly because I didn’t get paid on the actual Friday, but was instead going to get paid on a Monday. Typical.


Leeds is a great place to shop I reckon Its because they opened Trinity and now Victoria Gate (where they have a huge John Lewis btw) I freaking enjoyed my time, the whole day I was enjoying my little food samples in the German market, dodging salesperson in town, getting happy over the Black Friday sales and just really having a great time.

screenshot_2017-01-23-20-44-12.png img-20161206-wa0000.jpg

Since Its coming to Christmas The whole of the town was lit up! The atmosphere felt really joyful (as cheesy as that sounds) I’ve always hated winter because of the cold and the snow. I would always get happy when Summer was coming (even though British Summer is shit) but recently I have quite enjoyed winter. I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m a Muslim, but seeing people around me looking happy, looking at all the lights and Christmas trees, having hot chocolate and knowing it’ll get dark earlier all seems so cosy to me now. So you could say I have warmed up to Winter.

I was pleasantly warm in my huge coat, gloves and boots. I was with my sister and first we went on the Ferris wheel which was put in because of the Christmas season. I’m not really good with slow rides that go high up. It makes me a bit queasy, but I enjoyed the 15min of going around on the wheel.

screenshot_2016-12-05-22-05-10.png screenshot_2016-12-06-14-48-43.png

After We went around the German Market. I love little markets they always have useful bits and bobs and great food there! I always keep an eye out for those cheeky little samples that they give you.

screenshot_2017-01-23-20-46-31-1.png screenshot_2017-01-23-20-46-48-1.png

Once we went around the market twice we went Ice Skating in the millennium square where the ice skating ring was put in. Yes, I fell on my arse a lot. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did it was funny. I spent the whole hour laughing and giggling whenever me or my sister fell. We can’t ice skate at all and seeing my sister fall into an old man, which he then proceeded to yell at her was hilarious! When we eventually did recover from ice skating we had a look around the shops in Trinity. I was broke af at this point, so I popped in to New Look. I bought a pair of blue pajama bottoms which were so soft and cosy! And a black backpack! They both had 25% off and I thought why the hell not! In Primark I bought a pair of plain black shoes and some cosy Christmas socks and a box of after eight chocolates.

Bag- £14.99 PJ’s- £7.54 Black Shoes- £4.00 Sock- £1.50 After Eight- £1.00

I stopped my “wild” shopping spree after that because me and my sister were starving. As usual where did we go? We went to Nando’s! I’m not going to lie Nando’s is over hyped at times, but we needed some good chicken In us.

screenshot_2017-01-23-20-50-06-1.png screenshot_2017-01-23-20-51-05-1.png

My day in Leeds was great! It felt really Christmassy with all the lights lit up and a huge Christmas tree in the middle of town. I felt very festive with my warm woolly jumper on and a Greggs hot chocolate in one hand whilst walking around a little market, it was pretty calm and a chilled evening. If anyone wants a good shopping trip Leeds is a great place to go. They just opened the Victoria Gate, which has John Lewis and they have a good Primark! The people there are amazing and seem so happy. It was a very Chrismassy Day In Leeds!

OnceUponAJayJay x


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