I’m an 18 Years old Granny 

I’m an 18 Years old Granny

At 18 you would think I’d enjoy going out and partying or hanging around with friends. Going shopping, to concerts and having sleepovers. But no. That to me sounds really exhausting. I kid you not I do occasionally love to go out and hang out with friends, but If someone asked me, what my ideal evening would consist of, I would say ordering a take out at home which would be a peri peri burger meal with chips and Pepsi. Then I would have a long warm bath whilst using one Lush bath bomb that I hesitantly use because I keep them for occasions. I would wear my cosy Harry Potter PJs and my Christmas high knee socks. I would close all my lights and put my fairy lights on so the room looks all cosy. Nestled in my comfy bed sheets with my book in my hand reading. I love reading, I discovered this when I was 9. I remember loving these super sleuth children’s book series and then went forward to get double act by Jacqueline Wilson as a Christmas present from my school. For a long period of time I loved her books and I started liking the idea of having a siesta in primary. In year 7 I started to read twilight and was now interested in romance/ action/paranormal books. I bloody love my books. I’m not too fond of kindles so I always get the hardback versions. I admit that I would like to travel. I like the idea of visiting places. I haven’t even been to London and I live in the UK! I hope to visit places like London, Brighton, York and Edinburgh. But preferably I stay at home reading my books, watching crime documentaries and Youtubers in my bed and other times I like to fill up my scrapbook full of my memories and photos. I know what you’re thinking: This reminds you of the sort of evening your nan would have. And yes in some cases it is what a granny would do. But I’m so okay with it.

Being 18 I often feel like the right answer should be that my ideal evening is going out with friends and partying. But in reality, I’m an 18 years old granny. And I freaking love it!


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