I was called “Vanilla”


I see the word “Vanilla” being thrown around a lot lately and it’s always been referred to in a negative way. When you type in the definition of being vanilla it comes up as “Having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard” most people would find that horrifying when being described as vanilla and I guess we have grown up to think that being unique is amazing. But can we just take a moment and think. Why do we normal average folks with normal average lives get so little respect these days? What’s with the pressure to be “different”, “creative”, “artistic”

After receiving this email It took me a while to respond as it did boggle my mind in that weird questioning way. I had one of those deep chats with one of my friends, as you do and I asked her what’s wrong with being vanilla and average? And she responded with

“If you are different, creative or artistic it just means you aren’t a robot. There is nothing wrong with being normal, it’s just better to be different” 

And really I was put down by that. There’s nothing wrong with being vanilla at all. There’s nothing wrong with being different or creative. I am vanilla. I’m so fucking average . And I’m content with that. I’m not creative. I lick Nutella out of the jar. I cut the crust off my toast. I have a normal routine, I wake up, eat, go to work, come home, do random stuff and go to sleep. I’m so average. I don’t need to be creative or unique. I’m my own way. There’s loads of creative people out there and there’s loads of average people. There’s a balance of personalities in the world. So why do we belittle the average people?

I came across an article of a journalist writing about Youtubers. I should have known better since the traditional media haven’t come to terms with this new platform, as the whole article was a pile of shit anyways. The entire piece was slamming Youtubers like Louise Pentland and Zoe Sugg as average and vanilla. It just crossed my mind that orite then both Zoe and Louise have been described as average in the most negative tone possible. Yet to some people them being vanilla is the best thing ever! To me personally, it comes across as being relatable and grounded. There’s amazing Youtubers out there that do cool time-lapses and epic drone shots of the sunrise or the waves. But I personally love seeing the next mess Louise is in or her drunken chats. I love watching Zoe cleaning out her cupboard and going through her post. To me and the millions of subscribers that they have gained that’s the perfect video for us. An average time-lapse of them cleaning or making their breakfast is perfect for us. It’s average its normal and that’s fine. To me Louise and Zoe are my kind of Youtubers to others its Casey Neistat or Ben Brown. All of them are different, yet so brilliant. So yes, you might describe Zoe and Louise as vanilla, but don’t go making it into something negative because it’s the exact opposite.

Books. I love books. I’m into that whole paranormal romance, and the cute boy meets girl, bad boy’s neighbour, cocky sarcastic bastards that piss the girl off. I like those books and I’m pretty sure others do as well. What I do get slightly baffled by is when these romantic genres get stomped on and get labelled as “vanilla” Ok, so these romance novel’s whole plot is when the boy meets the girl, something goes wrong, there’s a fight and they get back together. Compared to a novel which has a deep message in the plot. They are both different in their own right, yet you will always see the romance novel get slammed as “vanilla” These novels are from different genres and should not get gutted. Its about preferences everyone has different preferences and a good old casual average boy meets girl is all some of us need and that’s okay. There’s no need to criticise a piece of writing for being vanilla and ordinary because it doesn’t have an amazing plot or a deeper meaning behind it. Because me being me, I binge read the basic, ordinary and cute romance books.

Overall to answer your message there’s nothing wrong with being vanilla, The word always seems to have a negative connotation, but I like to think I’m average and ordinary. The world has lots of room for the creative and the extraordinary, but it also has room for the ordinary. So you were described as vanilla? Well, guess what there’s a whole bunch of people who like a bit of vanilla/ordinary. And I’m one of them. It’s all about peoples preferences. Id rather chat with an ordinary person, watch an ordinary person clean their house on YouTube and I like to read an ordinary romance book with no meaning behind it. And it’s fine! There’s fuck all wrong with being vanilla.

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