What I Bought With My First Pay Check!

Some of you might know that I recently got a Job 2 months ago. I work in retail as a sales advisor in Debenhams and It Is my first ever proper Job. I started this blog as an online diary. A written diary is always difficult to keep up with, however an online diary seems easier. Typing is easier than writing and uploading a pic is easier than the faff of printing one out. I really wanted to document a “What I bought with my first pay check” 1) Because it’s one of those moments for me that I’m really proud of because of my hard work & 2) If it’s something I’d write about in my written diary then why would I not on here? I was super excited to buy stuff for myself because I really have the habit of hating to ask my parents for money, to get stuff I need. So earning my own money was slightly exciting for me. So here you go this is…

What I Bought With My First Pay Check

One of the things I bought was cosy PJ’s. At home all I live in is my PJ’s. It’s always nice to come home into something cosier so I thought I’d buy some new ones from Primark. The two I bought were the most softest Harry Potter Pj’s and a cute Christmas Robin PJ set. After a good shave, a long bath and new duvet covers. New PJ’s just make you feel 10 times better.

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-06-46-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-06-43-1.png

The next items I was in great need of were bags! I legit only owned one bag that was a hand me down from my sister so I really needed a bag. I bought a black bag pack from New Look. Let me tell you something, a bag pack Is the easiest to carry. But when it comes to sitting in a car or taking your purse out you have to whip that shit off. I also bought a cute little small satchel type bag which was £10 from accessorise. (I bought in on sale)

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-06-50-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-06-59-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-06-55-1.png

I was also in need of some fresh new bath products. Which I plodded along to Boots to get myself a soap and glory set which was a bargain £5.00 . In Lush I got two apple bath bombs which were in the 50% sale. I bought two for £3:55 which is really good considering its lush! ( Also, these bath bombs will be used on rare occasions, I do that thing where I bring out my bath bombs on a good day)

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-09-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-04-1.png

Ok, so the next thing I really was desperately in need of were some new glasses! Being blind is shit. From having perfect eyesight to having shit eye sight is annoying, especially when I remember being “not blind” and how I knew that me sitting on my PC so close to the screen wasn’t the best idea. My old glasses were so old fashion and pretty nerdy, they were scratched and just ugly. So I needed new ones and OMG my heart broke when I saw the price of the glasses in Specsavers. But I was desperate and I bought these glasses for £99.00 (I know it’s disgusting)

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-16-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-19-1.png

So the next thing I needed was a coat. I owned a black Select coat for nearly 4 years. The quality was pretty good since it didn’t tear or wear out, but I got bored of wearing black and having a coat for 4 years was enough for me. So I did a little change up I wanted a parker style coat. This one I got is purple and so cosy inside! The hood is one of those that don’t fall off your head and I’m so glad about that, it has pockets and a small belt to tighten it if you want. I bought it from Dorothy Perkins on a sale for £41.00

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-29-1.png screenshot_2017-01-03-21-08-39-1.png

In regards to skin care and hair care I bought an E45 moisturiser I always go for that because I have shitty sensitive skin and E45 is just right for me. I bought the big pump one because I have this thing about germs going back into a container once you touch it. So a pump is what I needed. I bought that from Wilkos for £9.50. This Ultimate Blend Garnier Hair Oil is the thing I live for! It does wonders to your hair, especially if its damaged or dry and just for scraggy looking hair. Once you put this on you feel like it’s working. This hair oil is my favourite! I got mine from Boots for £9.99. I also bought this Garnier face wash/cleanser to try which was £2.99 from Superdrug’s. I actually really like this face wash, it might be cheap, but it does the job for my face.


Finally the last item on my list is some Fairy lights. After watching Youtubers, I came to the realisation that fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas and you can get some cute decent ones to make your bedroom look really cosy. I’m in the process of making my room as pretty as possible and fairy lights were the main item on my wish list. I Bought mine from Primark. I bought a heart shaped one, a ball shaped one and a wired one. They were all £2.50.

screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-44-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-52-1.png screenshot_2016-12-30-23-07-47-1.png


Links for some of the items above (I tried my best to find them but only found some)

Soap & Glory Gift Sethttp://www.boots.com/en/SOAP-GLORY%C2%99-TAKE-YOUR-PINK%C2%99_1892578/

Specsavers Glasseshttps://www.specsavers.co.uk/glasses/red-or-dead-97

Dorothy Perkins Coathttp://www.dorothyperkins.com/en/dpuk/product/tall-fig-shine-trim-parka-coat-6085683?geoip=noredirect&cmpid=ppc_pla_UK_ip&utm_medium=cpc&istCompanyId=e0b51aa7-96c9-4550-a6f3-56b61a0b5995&istItemId=xwraamiawp&istBid=tztx&gclid=CMTfp_2Ln9ECFRJmGwodUOoDZw&gclsrc=aw.ds

E45 Creamhttp://www.wilko.com/pain-relief/e45-cream-500g/invt/0403182?gclid=CLvG7IqNn9ECFcK4GwodUowBdQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

Garnier Hair Oilhttp://www.boots.com/en/Garnier-Ultimate-Blends-Marvellous-Glow-Oil-150ml_1422084/

Garnier Face Washhttp://www.superdrug.com/Garnier/Garnier-Skin-Naturals-Oily-Skin-Clarifying-Wash-150ml/p/29327

Primark Fairy Lightshttps://www.primark.com/en/search/search-products-results?q=fairy%20lights&c=home


9 thoughts on “What I Bought With My First Pay Check!

  1. This is such a cute post! I remember starting out in retail what feels like a long time go, 10 years now. And I absolutely loved it, I met so many people there and had a great time. Can’t remember what i bought, but I remember being paid £3.73 an hour because I was under 18 and first pay was £84 I think. Enjoy it and make the most of it!

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    1. Aww Thank Youu! Honestly thought working In retail would be the easiest job ever but not gonna lie it’s pretty different to what I expected! Im so glad Im not getting paid £3.73 an hour 😂 I wouldn’t have known how to cope with that! Thanks for your support love Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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