That Time I Made Big Arse Chocolate Cookies That looked like Cow Pats.

Welcome to another chapter of shitty baking with Jay Jay. So me and my sisters thought we would tackle Tanya Burrs big arse chocolate cookies. We used the Tanya’s recipe on her blog, here’s a link to it

So obviously we knew Tanya’s cookies would look so much better than ours and after we made our cookies we can confirm that YES her’s did look better than ours. Ours were cow pats. But anyways if you want to know how to make them here is a blog post on how we made them.

To make 10 big arse chocolate cookies you will need:

  • 200g butter
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 275g self-raising flour
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • Dash of milk
  • Bar of milk chocolate & white chocolate
  • Baking Sheet

What We Did:

So here we have pictures of the ingredients we used they were all cheap and easy to get a hold of.

screenshot_2017-01-01-19-38-16.png screenshot_2017-01-01-19-38-03.png

The first thing we did was measure out all our ingredients and just put it in a bowl. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. These wiz baking kids probably do it in some order and add half the batch first so they can mix it and then after, they add the other half of the batch. But me being me, (the impatient one) I just add everything at once and just pray it all goes well.

screenshot_2017-01-01-19-38-00.png screenshot_2017-01-01-19-37-54.png

After that we just mixed all our ingredients up until it felt like a thick dough mixture. We don’t have a kitchen aid as you can see. You can also see that we mixed it with our hands. Top Tip: using hands are faster and easier than a mixing spoon. We also added our white and milk chocolate for the chocolate chips.

screenshot_2017-01-01-19-37-29.png screenshot_2017-01-01-20-48-35.png

As one of us were doing that the other was getting our baking tray ready by spreading a baking sheet on it.

screenshot_2017-01-01-19-37-35.png screenshot_2017-01-01-19-37-38.png

Once our mixture was the right texture we then proceeded to make them into separate balls for our cookies. If you want a big cookie then you do a big arse ball. Want a small cookie then its obviously a small ball.


We then aligned them on our baking tray. Spread them out far from each ball because when they go in the oven they are going to spread out.


We left our cookies in for 11min at gas mark 5/ 200 degrees Celsius. Now if you make her cookies its important to not leave them in there for too long because you think 11min isn’t enough. When we took them out they felt really soggy and uncooked but DO NOT PUT THEM BACK IN. They’re meant to be that way (so Tanya says) You just have to leave it out for a further 30min. The outside will then go hard but the inside will be nice and gooey. Here’s what ours looks like! I know they look like cow pats but trust me they tasted so good. A top tip from me: eating them warm with ice cream is the best thing ever. It tasted like Gelatos cookie dough and Ice cream.

screenshot_2017-01-01-20-48-20.png screenshot_2017-01-01-20-48-26.png


So there you have it, my cow pat cookies that look like shit but sure didn’t taste like it. Hope you enjoyed this short post. Comment down below any other recipe’s you think I should try out!


OnceUponAJayJay X


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