Throw Back – What I Watched Growing Up!

What I Watched Growing Up! 

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Warning this post is honestly more of a brain dump post which I just shove all my memories in because I really don’t want to forget anything from what I watched when I was little. This post is more for me than for you. I figured I store all my memories on here so I can look back and go “Oh yeah I remember watching that”

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When I was young we never had channels like Disney channel, Nickelodeon, or cartoon network. At primary school I remember everyone talking about their fav shows on Disney channel. I would always hear shows like Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and Hannah Montana. I didn’t have a clue what they were on about. My mum and dad didn’t get the channels you had to pay for. We had a small sky box with free channels. The free channel that was available to everyone was CBeebies. I remember watching my favourite programmes like the Tweenies, Teletubbies, Fimbles, Balamory, The Shiny Show, Story Makers, Come Outside and Big Cook Little Cook. Me and my little sisters would dance to Boogie Beebies and would really believe that little cook could fly on a wooden spoon. We would pray that our names would be on the birthday card song (we never knew we had to call in to say its our birthdays)

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I remember waiting to see what surprise Big Cook & Little Cook would get from their customers I can also remember being frustrated that we never saw the customers I don’t know why but I got really annoyed. I also remember watching Brum waiting for the day the Big car came out instead (it only came out on special occasions) My least favourite story in Story Makers was the one with the blue cow I don’t know why I just hated it. I always waited for the flying super baby to come on but it never did. 64 Zoo Lane was a classic. Bloody loved that, didn’t I. We never had In The Night Garden or baby TV. I’m really sorry, but CBeebies has turned into a wreck. Let’s just say I’m glad the Goodnight song is still there. Maybe it’s just the “Grown up” me saying its gone downhill because I’m older now, but I don’t know, I just think the channel has lost its touch.

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So around the age of 8 I started to grow up and was over the Cbeebies phase. So I moved on to CBBC and CITV. This is where you would get your iconic programmes like, Queens Nose, Basil Brush, M.I High, Tracy Beaker, Kerching, Trapped, Raven, Scorpion Island. Sarah Jane Adventures, Dick and Dom And The Bungalow, Wolfblood, Young Dracula, Dead Gorgeous, Arthur, the Chuckle Brothers, Best Of Friends, Art Attack, Big Kids, Stupid, 50/50 ect… Most of us might remember the iconic Tracy Beaker, that was the shit back then I remember wishing I lived in social care because the Dumping Ground made it look fun and chaotic . Tracy beaker was our Zoella back then.

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I also remember wishing my school was in 50/50 and me also begging my mum to let me and my friends to be on Best Of Friends. I would be so jealous of people going on Dick and Dom and Prank Patrol. Hider In The House was pretty big. I remember a girl in my class was on it. There’s me in the morning clicking on Hider In The House and the next minute I know they’re on the screen a girl called Shannon who was in my class was on it. I was excited and in shock that this actually happened. I remember trying to tell my whole family that the girl was in my class. Legit no one believed me.

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CITV was the shitty version of CBBC, but the main programmes I remember were Bernard’s Watch, My Parents Are Aliens, Roli Poli Oli, Big Blue Bear In The Big Blue House and Mr Bean. Bernard watch was just iconic. They use to put short films on CBBC I remember watching Ghost Hunters, Johnny and the Bomb, The Tracy Beaker Movie, Fungus The Bogey Man (the old school one) Stig of the Dump, Feather Boy and The Dustbin baby.

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Alongside that Tiny Pop was invented. Now the stuff I watched on there were things like Berenstain Bears, Timothy Goes To School, Flipper And Lupaka, Corduroy, Pipi Longstocking. Timothy Goes To School and Berenstain bears was our shit!

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I remember at the ages of 10 till 13 I moved on to Tiny Pop and Pop Girl this was 10 years old me branching out. I think they added new free channels. And I remember me and my sisters getting excited that they had a girly channel on the TV. Throughout that time we mainly watched the old school Saddle Club and The Sleepover Club and Mortified. That was legit the only three things we liked about it. Once the channel progressed, they then started putting shows that were very old for Disney channel on Pop Girl which were stuff like Lizzie Mcguire, Two Of A Kind, Zoey 101 and Life With Derek. That’s the only Disney Programmes I experienced. Bloody Loved them though. I would binge watch Two Of A Kind. That was one of my favs.

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As I got older into my teens I started to branch out to programmes like Heroes. That was so good back in the days. I got so upset when it finished. I’m pretty sure they’ve made a new series, but its not as good as it was back then. Supernatural was another goodie I started to watch, followed by Dr Who. I remember the 1st Dr who I watched was the one with Christopher Eccleston In it and the episode was the one with that scary little kid with the gas mask on who keeps saying “Are you my mummy” that one always creeped me out. My favourite Dr was David Tennant I cried when he left I tolerated Matt Smith but after that I stopped watching Dr Who. I hate the new Dr (I’m sorry. I can’t understand a word he says)

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Alongside that I watched Sarah Jane Adventures which was actually a pretty good thing to watch. I’m so upset that Elisabeth Sladen passed away, she was amazing. I also remember watching Everybody Hates Chris and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air now those two were just the most watched show back in the day. I have the full box set at home. My all time favourite as a teen had to be Merlin and Waterloo Road. Merlin was just my all time fav tv series! I recommend it to everyone. The story line is amazing, the characters were brilliant and the comedy was spot on. I hate that it’s finished! I spent 5 years watching that and it didn’t disappoint. Now Waterloo Road is what every teenager in high school watched. It was that show where it had bits of drama, comedy and heartbreak in it. Every British kid would have seen it. And it was all set in a school. My fav characters were Sambuca, Lauren, Finn, Josh, Tom (that fit teacher) Grantly, Janeece and Kevin Chalk! Those were my top favs and it upset me some of my favs freaking died!!! Like why Sam??! The one thing I got annoyed about with Waterloo Road is that they moved the whole school to Scotland (which just ruined it for me) and the story line just sank. I think that’s why the show ultimately finished. Which is sad because now teens won’t share that one watched show ever teen clicked on after school on a Wednesday. But still I had fond memories with the show.

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You can tell I started to like all the supernatural/ fantasy genre as I was growing up. I spent my childhood wishing I had that magic 50p for wishes and Bernard’s watch to stop the time, to then wishing I went to a school like Waterloo road and then thinking I might have a super hero Power like the people in Heroes. Not having channels like Disney and the ace movie channels you paid for did make me jealous of those who had it. But I’m glad I got brought up watching pure British shows and channels. I spent my life typing in 613 for CBBC 626 FOR Tiny Pop 621 for CITV and 115 for Merlin/ Dr Who and if I wanted to watch movies the only one we had was on 315 which was Film4. (I still remember the numbers!) The worst thing is as I hit the age where I grew out of the kid channels my parents started to pay for all the American channels which sucks but at least I have the good movie channels to watch now.

So here was a throwback to what I watched growing up. I might have had a shitty little sky box with only Free Channels. But there were some great programmes on that shitty box.

Did you watch any of these? What was your favourite TV show growing up? Comment down below what you watched!

OnceUponAJayJay x


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