Movies Similar To East Is East.

I rounded up a few movies that are English, but has that brilliant hint of Desi in it. Nothing can go wrong with Brown People in English movies! I’m guessing every brown person has watched East Is East. If not, where the hell have you been. A few people have asked me to recommend them movies similar to East Is East so here you go.

West Is West

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-27-35-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-27-56-1.png

Obviously I had to add the sequel to East Is East as number one. The film is set five years after the original film East is East. Sajid, the youngest (who sadly doesn’t wear his famous coat) and his father are the main characters in this movie. A short summary of this movie is that when Sajid a young Pakistani boy is caught shoplifting his father, George, who realises that all of his other children in England have become too westernised decides as a last attempt to make a good Muslim and a good son of him, his father decides to pack him off to Pakistan. Add a young, mischievous teen, a strict Pakistani dad and a white mum together on a farm in Pakistan you’ll get havoc. Personally, I think East Is East was just the best! West Is West just wasn’t all that, but it’s a good, relatable movie when describing us teens in Britain now. It’s a great coming of age Desi/comedy film.

Mischief Night

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-28-36-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-28-57-1.png

Mischief night is a British comedy, it’s a short 92 min film which I pleasantly enjoyed. It’s set in Leeds and is about two families, one white and one Asian family. Everyone in Leeds is excited of the up and coming event of “Mischief Night” the night where kids cause mischief. During this these two families unexpectedly come together. This film was a good watch. It wasn’t too long and it did make me laugh. It has one of my favourite actress Holly Kenny, who actually is in a lot of these Asian/white movies. This is a great one to look out for if you want a quick watch!


Bend it like Beckham

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-30-08-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-29-59-1.png

I think most people have watched Bend it like Beckham because it is one of those popular British/Desi films out there. This movie is a British Indian-themed comedy-drama. Personally, I found this movie ridiculously hilarious! It made me chuckle a lot! I freaking loved the actors in this. How can you go wrong with Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley and Archie Panjabi! The story line is based on Jess Bhamra, a teenager with a passion of playing football. She daydreams of being a great soccer star and her hero is David Beckham. She comes from a traditional, close-knit and loving Sikh family. Jess’ fascination with sports doesn’t fit into her parents’ idea of a her future. Jess knows she is good at the sport. Her parents are uncomfortable with their daughter running around in shorts, chasing a big ball, instead of being in a traditional Salwar khameez, and learning to cook East Indian recipes.


Bride and prejudice 

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-30-28-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-30-59-1.png

This film is a Bollywood-style adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The Plot Summary. Is a Desi flip of Jane Austen’s classic tale, in which Mrs. Bakshi is intending to find suitable husbands for her four unmarried daughters. At a friend’s wedding, Lalita (main character) meets Will Darcy a handsome and rich American working in his family’s hotel business. Events roughly coordinate like they do in the novel. Darcy tries to resist his attraction to Lalita, who she sees him as arrogant, and intolerant toward India and Indian culture. If you’re a fan of the classic Jane Austen book then you’ll like this movie adaptation as it has a great desi twist. This is a cute romance movie, so any of you like a good chick flick, this is a pretty good one.


White girl

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-31-34-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-31-54-1.png

White Girl is a BBC film. The plot summary is of a white family, a mother and her 3 children who move from Leeds (a white area) to Bradford (Asian area) after running from their drug dealing father. whilst in Bradford the family find themselves in an ethnic minority. Daughter Leah must adapt to being the only white girl at school. She begins to find herself a place in the community, making friends and gaining a much needed sense of safety and calming sanctuary and community when in prayer at the local mosque. This movie has one of my favourite drama actress Holly Kenny in it. The short film carefully opens up about a young white working glass schoolgirl’s conversion to Islam. It also brings up a tone of other social issues like race and religion. I liked this film it was a quick and short watch and it’s a film that actually doesn’t portray Islam as a terrorising religion.


Four Lions

screenshot_2017-01-21-18-32-15-1.png screenshot_2017-01-21-18-32-27-1.png

A short summary of Four Lions is of A group of radicalised young Muslim British men who aspire to be suicide bombers. The group begins acquiring materials for making improvised explosive devices, but disagree about what to target. This was a great comedy! It was brilliantly cast with all the actors demonstrating sharp and quick comic timing. I know that this film can be seen as controversial to some as it went along with that stereotypical “Muslim terrorist” plot but it did make me belly laugh. It had some touching and sensitive points as well as great comedy.

So there we go! All my recommendations on movies similar to East Is East. I love these 6 films and I think some of you would love them as well! They all have a great mixture of comedy and drama and last but not least they all have a hint of our Desi charm!  

Have any of you got any good Desi movie recommendations? Comment them down below!  


OnceUponAJayJay x 



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