Lets Talk About The Vampire Academy Movie.

Lets talk about The Vampire Academy Movie. 

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Ugh, what were they thinking! Was my first reaction after watching the Vampire Academy movie. If anyone knows me they would know that The Vampire Academy book series are my favourite books ever! So when they announced that they were going to do a movie I was fucking elated I wasn’t too fussed about the Twilight series or the Hunger Games series. But I just thought that this is it for me! A film franchise that will do well how can it not since the movie was going to be based on a series of best-selling books that have been around for 10 years. At that time, we’ve been given six awesome books. What could go wrong? Nothing right?

I was wrong.

When I came out of the cinemas I was disappointed. This was one of the worst book to film adaptations I have ever seen. Like how was I cringing at some of the scenes in the movie! Straight away I just knew that Vampire Academy bombed just like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones did. And when I mean bombed I mean it did so shit. I was baffled at how it just went all wrong. I just think that they were pushing for the whole “comedic vibe” they tried to get big laughs with bland dialogues and the humour just didn’t work at all. I personally thought they should have thought about the tone of the film. The humour tried so hard, but instead of it succeeding it began to sound so desperate and overall unfunny. The book has an urban fantasy theme to it and the movie really didn’t show that. it was meant to be quick witted, emotional, dark/ serious at times, but clever and sarcastic, but really why oh why did they get the freaking guys behind MEAN GIRLS to film and make the film happen? A mistake they made was turning this book into a shitty comedy.

The film overall really just lacked that oomph for me. I never get annoyed at book to film adaptations. I didn’t get annoyed at the mortal instrument film, but because I really like the VA books I was really gutted. The film didn’t have the important details in it at all and had a lot of info dumping which I might understand if they didn’t put unnecessary scenes in. There was no depth or seriousness and because of that I was put off.

Going From the movie plot to the characters/casting I just want to rip my hair out. I really thought the casting was quite shit really. Dimitri was meant to be mysterious, hot, witty. so what the hell happened! I really could not take him seriously. Ok, I’ll give it to the casting directors I get it, I know its hard to find a lead who meets the character description and speaks Russian. But this Dimitri was not how I pictured him. He had an uncle/ dad vibe than the romantic lead. Him next to rose really did put me off. Casting Zoey Deutsch as Rose I could have handled at least she met the description in some way. However, I felt like the actors didn’t get it. There was little chemistry between him and Zoey that everything just felt very awkward and forced. There is so much heated sexual tension between the two characters in the books, but in the movie it just seemed robotic. The casting of Lissa and the rest didn’t feel right either. It was all so stiff and bland and just not incredible. I feel like the budget wasn’t enough. The detail wasn’t the best and the movie was way too rushed.

Ben Barnes! Would have been perfect!
Ben Barnes! Would have been perfect!



Things that I did not understand about the movie 

  • Why did they turn it into a comedy? Why?
  • Why was Lissa not like how she was in the books. I get she was boring in the books, but she seemed sloppy in the movie (also couldn’t they have made the fangs more discreet like in twilight) the teeth put me off.
  • So much info dump and the book wasn’t even that big!
  • Why was Dimitri casting crap? All of the cast lacked chemistry, but Dimitri looked like an uncle? BEN BARNES anyone Ben Barnes would have been perfect!

It all just went wrong for me. I’m quite sad that it just didn’t go well, I really hope they turn it into a series like they did with mortal instruments. Shadow Hunters is a great Netflix series. I love it and the casting is greattt! Like seriously its exactly how It was pictured in my brain. One can only hope they turn the VA into a Netflix series.



Did anyone like the movie?

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