Family Tea Party :18-02-2017

Family Tea Party on the 18-02-2017


I have a huge family and I’m so used to living with so many siblings in the house. It’s loud, chaotic, messy, annoying and did I say loud? But sometimes it’s great. I don’t have any aunts or uncles or cousins or any other family members in the UK it’s just me, my parents and my siblings. So when we do have a party it doesn’t matter if we don’t invite anyone else. Just us. It’s more than enough! Living with so many siblings means that I have learned to share everything I own, sweets, toys, clothes, socks, shoes ect. If I have a burger I’m pretty sure half of it would be given away. If I saved my chocolate yogurt in the fridge for later and came back to it 30 min later. It would be gone. My new jumper I saved for would have been already borrowed. I have learnt to share a room with 2 other people. I have argued with all of my siblings until I’m red in my face. Growing up with a large family had been just a roller coaster ride. But when we all have family gatherings in the house like on Birthdays, Eid or Christmas it’s the best. We crack up some jokes, have great banter and the best thing is on these days our Mum whips out some great food!

screenshot_2017-02-20-15-36-02-1.png screenshot_2017-02-20-15-35-51-1.png

I have Four sisters, 2 younger and 2 older and I’m bang in the middle. It’s fun having sisters around at times. We always try having little get together and do sisterly stuff. One by one we grew older. One sister moved to Sheffield for studying and another sister moved out of our parents house to her own house. So 5 became 3. Recently my oldest sister had a tea party at her house for a little get together because she just bought her new house. It was great! My sister from Sheffield came down and our brothers came over and we all were in the same place at the same time, which is rare for us nowadays because we are so much older and some of us have jobs or uni or school. So we all had a cute little tea party with cups of tea, sandwiches, cheesy croissants and loads of little cakes. It was cute and something I wanted to write about because it’s a memory I don’t want to forget. It was a nice family game time and just a cosy little get together where we caught up and had a little chat about the good old mems of when we were kids.

screenshot_2017-02-20-15-36-17-1.png screenshot_2017-02-20-15-36-13-1.png

screenshot_2017-02-20-15-35-17-1.png screenshot_2017-02-20-15-35-12-1.png

We always try to make time for little family gatherings! We still argue, still fall out and its loud AF but it’s just typical us.

OnceUponAJayJay x


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