Shitty Perfume Haul

Shitty Perfume Haul


You’re probably expecting a cute, pretty aesthetic perfume haul with a pretty background and great lighting and all that jazz. One can only wish because I don’t have any of that cool white blogger mantle piece background. My natural lighting is covered by my crappy blinds and yes, I own a Samsung so my pics are blurry af. Also, my perfume collection isn’t the best! But I wanted to write about a few of my favs!

Gucci Flora


My absolute favourite is Gucci Flora! This perfume was a hand me down. My older sister bought it and then passed it down to our Mum, which then meant I could get it off her. I love this scent and I’m upset with the fact that the bottle is nearly gone. Out of all the Gucci perfumes, the Flora one is the best! It’s summery and sweet but not sickly sweet. It’s not one of those “oh shit this is so strong its giving me a headache” scent. It’s light, but lasts long and it smells amazing.

Gucci Bamboo


I thought I’d check out the new Gucci Bamboo perfume that everyone raved about during Christmas. I feel like Gucci has great packaging it looks pretty and classy. So this perfume supposedly had a lily scent and that’s pretty much what I can smell. Its strong and again it lasts long. It’s a very feminine and classy scent. I still think Flora is my fav but this comes close to second.

Hollister Sprays:


Ok, so these sprays are so freaking cheap yet so good. You can get 3 for 15 quid. The Hollister sprays are completely similar to the Victoria Secret ones. These are body sprays that are good for a quick spritz after the gym or after a swim or a quick “I’m in a rush spray” They have a specific smell to them, all of them smell fruity and smell of Holiday/Summer. They have so many different kinds of these sprays that I’m pretty sure you can find your type. I like these they may be cheaper, but they are of great quality.

Diesel Loverdose


I thought brands like diesel would be shit and the quality would be crap because seriously when did you ever hear the brand diesel making perfumes? No, me neither. So I was surprised when I smelled this and I actually liked it, it’s very mature, at first I thought it was really strong and over powering but then it just seemed exotic and it was very long lasting. So this one was a surprise scent I liked.

Juicy Couture


Here’s another one I was surprised about. Juicy Couture is one of those brands where particular kind of people prefer it and I was not one of those people. When someone mentioned the brand “Juicy” I have images of track suit bottoms flash in my mind. So when I was given this as a present I wasn’t too sure about it, but it’s actually not too bad. I thought it would be a scent for little kids and it probably is but I still like it. It’s cute.

Lacoste Touch Of Pink


Lacoste is another one of those brands that you wouldn’t think does perfume stuff. I just saw them as a sports brand. But I got this perfume for sale after I sniffed it and I instantly liked it. It wasn’t too strong it was just your standard perfume that wasn’t too expensive or cheap, so of course I bought it.

Obviously the Gucci perfumes are expensive AF! but the rest are pretty affordable. Perfumes are a personal thing that not everyone will have the same opinion on. Some will like a scent, others will hate it. It’s all about personal preferences. So here’s my shitty perfume haul. It isn’t huge, but it’s enough for me.  


Links of where you can purchase these Perfumes:

Gucci Flora:

Gucci Bamboo:

Hollister Spray:

Diesel Loverdose:

Juicy Couture:

Lacoste Touch Of Pink:


OnceUponAJayJay x


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