Life Update: I Got In To The Course I Wanted!!

Life Update: I Got In To The Course I Wanted!!

I always was clueless and unsure on what I wanted to do as a career choice. I went to college and finished my A Levels and was still unsure. I finally took a step further into the whole “career world” and realised I wanted to go in to the NHS. I want to go into health profession related jobs. My Alevels did not match the entry requirements to go into a chosen course. So I’m going back to college for a year after my gap year finishes. I applied to the course Access to Health Education relating to Health Profession and guess what. I GOT IN! I’m a step closer to what I want to do in life. I have always had the mindset of “I don’t want to waste my time on a dead end degree” this is probably one reason why I was so clueless on a career choice. Well, now I’ve made up my mind and I’m so happy! I attended the welcome event yesterday and I have a place! I’m excited to buy stationary and folders and clothes and just start a new chapter. I know the course is intense and I know that I will be busy since its assignment based but I now know what I want and I’m excited.

To celebrate me and my best friend went to a fancy place to get ice cream. They made it from scratch and it was pretty cool. The candy floss, bubble gum and Ferrero Rocher ice cream were just heavenly. 

snapchat-1513356755.jpg  snapchat-1721803447.jpg


snapchat-2142496928.jpg  snapchat-1962863187.jpg


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