“Pretend that I’m the Mummy and you’re the Daddy”- Pretend Games I played as a kid.

“Pretend that I’m the Mummy and you’re the Daddy”- Pretend Games I played as a kid. 

I Miss Being a kid. I was carefree with no worries or responsibilities. I went to school and came home where my imagination would run wild. At school it was all about Maths, English, History and homework, but at home it was all about building a pretend world. That’s what I did.

I live in a family with loads of siblings and some of us are close in age with 1 or 2 years age gap. As a child having sisters and brothers close to my age was brilliant, especially since we all had the same idea of playing “Let’s Pretend” Mum and Dad would see us chattering away to ourselves in our bedroom or be baffled of why 3 of her children were walking down the stairs in a line with our hands beside us as we were ready to go to “assembly”

Pretend games were a special part of my childhood that will always be in my memory. It was always me, my two younger Sisters and my Brother who was a toddler at the time. I remember us trying to create a Happy Family by playing “Mummies & Daddies”  We would always fight over who would be the Mum and for some reason our younger brother always wanted to be the dog which really annoyed us. We would use Mums scarf to wrap it around him as a lead. We would recreate scenes of the “Daughter” asking the “Mum” if she could go out or the “Mum” would scream her head off as she grounded her “Daughter”

Along with playing Happy Families there was always the good old “Let’s Pretend I’m the Teacher” One of us was the Teacher, the other was the good girl and of course we needed a bad girl. We would stick A4 paper with blue tack on the wall for a white board because we didn’t have an actual one. We would make up fake homework and classwork to do. We would have break, lunch and P.E and if it was a swim day, We would pretend our parents’ bed was the pool because the duvet covers were always blue. Every time we played this we had to condition one of us to play the bad girl so the game was made to be more fun.

Another game we played was “Let’s pretend I’m the bank” one of us would have to make a bank out of stools and cardboard. We would use a toy laptop and a broken computer mouse to make this “bank” and as for money we would spend ages making it out of paper. Cutting it perfectly so we could save them and use them later. We didn’t know what loans, bills or debts were because all we did was give money out.

I remember me and my sisters would recreate school plays because we never got a part in our actual school plays. It was always the usual people in school who were picked to play a major part. So what we did was learn all of their lines and do our own Nativity play at home. One of my sisters would wear our Mums clothes for Mary, the other would wear a brown blanket for Joseph and I wore white clothes and a sparkly white scarf for my wings because I was the angel. Our younger Brother always wanted to be the freaking donkey. (He had an obsession of being animals) Also because there was only 4 of us, we would have to change into different characters.

Most of our pretend games would come from TV Programmes we watched when we were kids. We always watched something off, CBBC, CITV or Pop Girl. It was either us pretending our pillow cases were horses so we could copy the programme Saddle Club, we would legit gallop around by sitting on our pillows. As the “Horses” harness we would use our Mum’s scarf to tie them up. If it wasn’t Saddle Club we would make our own obstacle courses  or challenges so we could copy shows like Raven, Scorpion Island, Trapped. We couldn’t stand on the floor as it was lava and we made steps out of pillows.

It was fun, epic and amazing for us. Mum and Dad would scream at us because they could hear us jumping about upstairs or they would be mad because somehow their room turned into a mess with pillows everywhere. Me and my Sisters would play for hours having the time of our lives or we would fight about who would be the “Mum” one of us would fall out and refuse to play and the other two would have to persuade that person to play. We would change our names and it was always “Brittany or Ashleigh” (yet we had traditional Pakistani names in real life, which makes me chuckle thinking about it now) and if it wasn’t that, we would always spend 30min begging our 5 years old brother to stop being an animal and start being a “Brother” or the “Mums” baby. I spent my entire primary years playing “Let’s Pretend” I remember I was entering year 7 and I put an end to it because I thought it was babyish. I stopped playing and moved on.

So 4 became 3. as I sat in the living room watching TV I would always here jumping upstairs and I would know that my younger siblings are in their pretend world because once upon a time I was part of that world as well.

Comment down below on what games you played when you was a kid!

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7 thoughts on ““Pretend that I’m the Mummy and you’re the Daddy”- Pretend Games I played as a kid.

  1. Lollling because this was totally us as kids. Me and my sister were Melissa and Jessica and my bro was Kevin Mcalister (we’re British Asian but had to have American names!) And in every game we played whether it be teachers, bank or post office we stayed in our characters! So funny looking back. Plus whenever there was a tv program which had three characters we would always assign each other the names e.g. Alvin, Simon, Theodore, or even snap crackle pop!

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  2. Definitely great memories. Those games never get old I see my kids playing the same type of games instead they double it by calling it baby baby, teacher teacher and doctor doctor 😂 and their names … pinky and tiara 😅

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