Things Only British Noughties Kids Will Understand.

Things only British “Noughties” Kids  will understand.

I’m 19. I was born in 1998 which does mean I was born as a 90’s kid, but I grew up as a “Noughty” which essentially means a kid growing up from 2000 to 2009. Which is basically me. So I’m a “late-nineties/early-noughties kid. Here’s a few phases/things we noughties kids may remember…

1) Tracy Beaker was our old school Zoella. 

2) Every British School wanted to be on this game show. 

3) The real Squad Goals. 

4) Tamagotchi’s always died. Whoever made them were clever bastards. They conned us to buy new ones  all the time. 

5) Hoping your class mates didn’t catch you at Netto’s with your Mum. 

6) Chase Pissing us off for not asking Zoey out. 

7) We all had that chav moment. Don’t lie. 

8) Everyone in year 6 read this and loved it.

9) Learning every breath you take in Music class for 3 years but all you did was play the Star Wars tune. 

10)  Learning to do this made you cool 


12) Every High School kid had that same River Island bag. 

13) Waterloo Road. The only TV show teenagers watched. 

14) Wearing shag bands and not knowing what they actually meant. (Yeah I know. You should of seen my face when someone told me a black one meant “horny” I was 12!!) 

15) Ke$ha 

16) Paul Boutique. Ugly af but every girl had something out of the range. 

17) That “Lets all wear neon clothes” phase. 

18) “Oi m8 add me on BBM” 

19) Coming home to Stardoll because your Mum wouldn’t let you have MSN. 

20) The only merch we owned. 

21) Shit goes down in the playground. 

22) Every single person in school wearing that same Adidas jacket. 

23) Praying to God this came up in a Maths exam 

24) Our nemesis. 

25) The constant “Brush your teeth”  “Breaaath” And  “Your mum didn’t say that last night” Insults in High School 

26) The foundation on lips phase. 

27) Getting sick of The Simpsons movie because teachers always put it on in High School. 

28) The 1 thing I achieved in Primary School was getting one of these bad boys. 

29) Only Year 6 got the pleasure of sitting on this in assembly. 

30) The cringy messages we wrote on our hands to show our loyalty to our BFF. “Danni was ere” “Jamie&Chloe 2k12” “BFF For Eves” 

31) Thinking we’ll have separate tables & big lockers in High School like the Americans. Yet again we were wrong. At least we could cheat off each other. 




32) The only heart breaking thing we experienced in High School was Sambuca Kelly dying.


OnceUponAJayJay X


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