“When you’re young you have time and energy, but no money. When you get older you have money and energy, but no time. And later when you finally have time and money, you no longer have the energy.” It’s weird when you put that into perspective.

I had the wildest imagination when I was a kid, I would play in the rain and stay outside for hours playing with my Best Friend who lived in the other street. We would spend hours on end playing games such as Word Torture, Tag, Hot Ball, Dancing Dollies and Hide and Seek or we would play on our Bike’s and Scooters. However, I do feel like I missed out on some things as a kid. I remember coming back to school after the Summer Holidays and every kid would have gone on a Holiday or did something cool like camping or going to Water parks. I never did that. I’ve never been to a “holiday” before which is kinda dead. I never experienced doing activities and fun stuff that had to be “planned”

Every time after the 6 weeks Holiday the teacher would ask you to write a 2 page story of what you did and every year mine was the same answer. Going to the Park or going to the Beach. (Which I never did do) Maybe it was because I lived in a household with loads of siblings and it would have been costly or maybe because my Parents didn’t have a clue about these things because of their Pakistani culture. I did feel like I missed out on things I dreamt of doing, I remember listening to my Best Friend talk about her amazing time at a cool Jump place or the Ice Skating ring.

I wouldn’t say I had a shit childhood. Mine was great. Whenever the sun came out I would be outside for ages and my Mum wouldn’t bat an eyelid. I’m super surprised that I don’t see kids out & about anymore because of technology, it’s quite sad really. But one thing I have learnt is that when I do have kids, I would defo arrange fun things to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s the simplest things such as Bowling, Swimming, Theme Parks and Family dinners out, at least it’s something other than remaining in the house. I remember experiencing stuff like going Bowling or Ice Skating or a Jump Park and Lazer Zone much later on when I was slightly older which is odd, because a 16years old getting excited over throwing a ball to some pins is slightly peculiar and I still haven’t learnt to swim and I’m 19! Which is worrying.

I think doing things like that with your kids are great! The last thing a kid wants to hear when coming back to school is that everyone around them when to Disney Land and a Water Park whilst they spent their Summer wandering around the house and watching TV.

OnceUponAJayJay X


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