Life Update. What Am I Up To?

Life Update  What Am I Up To?

I like doing these “life update” write ups. It would be nice for me to scroll back to my old posts and check what I was up to at a certain point in my life. So this post is going to be short, rambly and choppy.

As you might know I’m currently in a gap year, and it’s great! I’m just chilling around. At the moment I’m learning how to cook. I thought I was a great cook, but making toast and frying food isn’t exactly “cooking” I was brought up in a Pakistani household and a main part of our life is based on good food. Indian food is my Mum’s speciality. Samosa’s, Kebabs, Curry, Rice, Chapati’s you name it and my Mum can make it from scratch. I’m 19 and I should know how to make a round Roti but I don’t. So that’s what I’m spending my gap year on, trying to prefect this round Roti.

Also, my time at my previous job was finished which means I’m looking for a job. I thought it would be pretty easy, but seriously, it takes time, what all employers want is experience. But answer me this. How the hell am I going to get this experience when no one is hiring me mate. But it’s all good. I’ve had phone interviews and face to face interviews and I’m still on the hunt.

One major thing I’ve done is redecorate my room. I share my room with my sisters and it was looking really dull and lame. I’m all about having a cosy place to go into. So now my cream, dull walls are a dusty pink colour. It looks elegant and homey. I just need to make it more personalised here and there. I’m planning to put some new curtains, patterned stencils, picture frames and fairy lights and I’m all set.

I’m also pretty excited to start my new course in September. I’ve never been excited about studying, but now I have an idea of what career I’m going towards. I’m eager to start. I think it’s the excitement of buying new clothes and stationary that excites me the most. But after having a huge break of chilling I’m kinda missing the education life. (I’ll probz hate this so called “education life” when I begin)

Another major thing that has happened that has totally skipped my mind is that my sister is 6 months pregnant!!! I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve never been a fan of babies. I can’t see myself holding one let alone have one. But because everyone in the fam is buzzing, their energy is bumping off on me. So I’m actually excited. Maybe after the baby comes I’ll get used to it and I might like having one around. Also, I’m going to be an Aunt!!! Whaaaaat. I know… Its weird when someone calls you Aunty. I feel like I’m way too young and irresponsible for someone to call me that.

Lastly Ramadan has arrived. I’m just helping my mum stock up on the food that we eat after our fast opens. I have the huge responsibility to prepare food, make food and wash up the 100 dishes during Ramadan. I have to do this for 30 days. Yes, you’ve read it right. 30 days!


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